Hello and welcome to the world of Creative Media. We promise not to show pictures of what we had for breakfast, or to tell you what our pets have been up to this week (unless is exceptionally interesting). However we'll endeavour to give you our inner and professional thoughts on our industry and life in general.

Everything we do originates from a concept which then forms the basis of a Marketing campaign which manifests itself as a website, a TV-Radio advert, artwork for billboards, or printed brochures-flyers.

Many people don't realise the effect local, national or global events can have on business. This is something we love to talk about whilst giving you solid advice on how to counter these effects before they affect our country's economy, which will ultimately effect business and the entrepreneurs who own and run them.

We love fun stuff too and will gladly share any quirky things we come across from the web or from our personal experiences. Hopefully you'll get a good handle of who we are, and what we're about. If you'd like to respond, please feel free to do so, as we love nothing more than connecting with our public.

Welcome to the Maverick world of Creative Media....


1. An unorthodox or independently-minded person.

    Synonyms:   individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, unorthodox person, unconventional person, original, trendsetter, bohemian

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