The Creative Media Mavericks Graphic Design Process

The concept has been created; the marketing strategy has been formulated, now for the most difficult part of the “to market” process; to visually bring the concept to life. At the Creative Media Mavericks Design Division, we appreciate the complexities of conceptual development and the construction of a marketing strategy, but with the theory now complete, the reality begins.

Using Hi-Tec wizardry our Graphic Designers can translate your idea and turn it into a true work of graphic design art. Design is the first stage of the production process and where the first impression of your product, event or service will be created. CMM have arguably the most talented, time-served Graphic Designers in Manchester who use technically advanced design applications as standard to create, manipulate and edit 2D, 3D and motion picture images into a finished product that will connect with the public and more importantly sell your product.


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Design with you in mind

CMM use the story board method which contains the individual pieces of a conceptual design jigsaw puzzle and manipulate them using the latest Photoshop and Illustrator image editing software to create the perfect design.

Consideration is also taken into account that designs for different products or services present us with differing design challenges. The design process is where the connection between your business and the public will be created and those first impressions will ultimately shape that connection. We will ensure that our designs perfectly capture the essence of who you are and convey your message exactly as you intend it to be received.