Be honest, do you really know what Marketing is?

Put simply, Marketing is the strategy applied to create awareness of a product, service or an event to sell it! Marketing is straight forward to explain once you know exactly what it is, and where it comes in the campaign chain. Marketing is not an idea, a design or a product, it is the strategic delivery of these components into the consumer market. Getting that message across to the public via the media is a double edged sword. First the correct message has to be created, and then steps have to be taken to ensure it is received in the way that you want it to be publicly presented.

Playing the media game is fraught with danger. The media is an industry much the same as any other, so therefore we have the same pressures applied in the pursuit of success. When a press release is received the first question in the minds of the recipients are, 'So what’s in it for us', 'Will this gain us more viewers, readers or listeners'? Unfortunately it is as simple and as brutal as that!


Creative Media Mavericks Marketing
creative media mavericks - Marketing


Creative Media Mavericks are Marketing experts but we really couldn’t do our job effectively without the Creative expertise of our colleagues in the Concepts and Design Divisions. Their application to the conceptual and artistic development of a Marketing campaign is an inspiration to behold, and can be viewed in the Portfolio of our Work section.

Creative integrity is an absolutely crucial component of any campaign, but in the Marketing Division we never forget that the single most important part of a strategy is sales results. But sometimes something that is a conceptual work of art, doesn’t necessarily translate into something which can be understood by the average consumer, and this is where our Divisions work together as a combined unit to ensure all Marketing campaigns connect seamlessly from one stage of the process to the next.

Creative Media Mavericks have pioneered the art of Integrated Marketing strategies, which is based upon the ethos of ensuring a high profile presence in all sectors of the advertising Market. If we may make an analogy for you to consider; it's the difference between hedging your bets and putting all your eggs in the same basket.

We consider a website, an advert or printed materials as A solution, not THE solution. Individually, each should be just one Marketing tool in an overall strategy that a company should use in the pursuit of its goals. Our vast experience has shown that covering all possible media angles brings the strongest long term results. However, unlike other mediums, having an expertly optimised website will give you the unique advantage of being able to strategically adjust your advertising campaign instantly to reflect the ever changing 24 hour global markets.

There are many different ways to execute a Marketing strategy to keep ahead of your competitors, and with Creative Media Maverick’s converged holistic approach to media matters, we promise you will never be short on options and will be positively spoilt for choice.

By using our many fingers of communication, CMM will create a hand that will wrap itself around your potential customers and move them beyond interest, & into action. CMM will encompass all necessary information, production and dissemination tools necessary to create an integrated Marketing strategy in a cost effective manner that will not fail to produce results. Call us today on 0845 130 4771, and together we can streamline your Marketing Strategy, and turn it into an effective plan of action tailor made for you.


Creative Media Mavericks Marketing