What is eCommerce?

eCommerce stands for Electronic Commerce and refers to websites that sell products online. We live in a 24/7 world where business never sleeps, unlike staff members. Multinational conglomerates can afford to have teams of staff working around the clock fulfilling orders which isn't possible for the average business, however having an automated eCommerce website bridges the dynamic between small & big business, as an eCommerce website will keep working for you long after your business closes for the day.

We have several Industry Standard options to choose from starting with WooCommerce for Wordpress, to Corporate Level options such as Shopify, Big Commerce & Magento. For really big Enterprise Level websites, there really is only one choice..... Drupal.

Drupal is THE Behemoth in the world of website development. When it comes to the most challenging website projects which need a high degree of customization, Drupal is unbeatable. Drupal also takes the lead when you know your website requires the ability to expand infinitely. Enterprise Organisations using Drupal websites include Tesla Motors, The Louvre, Los-Angeles City, University of Oxford, Warner Bros. Records, Emmy's, French Government & the US Government to name a few.



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Which is better, an EBay or Amazon store or having your own website?

We have several clients who have EBay and/or Amazon stores, & whilst not wanting to forego them, they begrudgingly have to pay a monthly/annual subscription fee for their stores, AND a percentage of whatever they sell which can range between 11-15%! To compound matters, the competition on EBay & Amazon is fierce, as most of their customers go there looking for a bargain. Also, to stand out in this global market place, your prices have to be very keen which will further squeeze bottom line profits.

However, having your own website will make you the King or Queen of your world. You'll have no competitors on your website, and you can pretty well do as you please without running the risk of falling foul of EBay & Amazon rules. Our clients who own EBay & Amazon stores essentially use them to move on outdated stock or for sale items, but more importantly they also use them to drive traffic to their eCommerce websites.

Covering your eCommerce Marketplace Bases

There is a clear advantage to having a Creative Media Mavericks eCommerce website running alongside your online store. Increasingly businesses are realising that having their own eCommerce website too is akin to opening another branch of your business, but without the overheads associated with having a physical building with a lease, utility bills, staffing costs or having to pay a subscription to EBay or Amazon. So what’s not to like?

We have several eCommerce solutions to choose from, starting with Wordpress which has come on leaps & bounds over the last few years, to Shopify, Big Commerce, ExpressionEngine & Magento which are proven, industry standard, revenue raising business assets. At the very apex of all eCommerce solutions though, is Drupal Enterprise.

Drupal powers more than 150 sites for the US Federal Government. Aside from the White House, Drupal also powers the House of Representatives, NASA and the departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Health, Defence, Justice, Transportation, Homeland Security and Agriculture.
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Drupal has come a long way toward becoming a more consumer friendly product which was a welcomed move, however if you need a platform with infinite expandability & customisation capabilities, then there is none more capable than Drupal. The main issue with Drupal has always been its complex structure, which is why relatively few companies have the necessary expertise & ability to create eCommerce websites using the platform as a base.

If you could combine all other eCommerce solutions & put them on steroids, only then can you truly begin to understand the extent of Drupal's immense power. We tend to reserve Drupal eCommerce websites for the heftiest programming challenges that we face, because to use it for anything less is a waste of its raw power. As outlined before, there are exceptional alternative eCommerce solutions which could be better utilised for standard, big business eCommerce projects and we have built stunning websites using them all. Creative Media play a leading role in the continued development of Drupal, & thankfully there isn't a challenge yet that we've been unable to overcome.

In Conclusion - We're part of a global Drupal team of developers busily preparing the world for Virtual Shopping, which is the next big web based development. So whatever your requirements, Creative Media will have an eCommerce solution that's right for you, and will grow with your business long into the future.
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