the student view
The Brief
TSV are the UK's largest Student News & Views organisation who believed their existing website didn't reflect their ambitions technically or in terms of design. There was also a fear that they were being hampered technically by the template platform they'd chosen. CMM were tasked with providing a future-proof, robust solution which could be infinitely expanded to grow with their Organisation.
Creative Media Mavericks - Student View Project
The Solution
It was decided that there was only one solution which could provide TSV the Multi-Level CMS scalability and infinite bespoke functionality they required. TSV also wanted to self manage their website, but we needed a solution which wouldn't hamper us with any technical or design limitations during the build process. Only the world's most technically advanced web-based platform would do. Drupal 8. View Website
The Tech Spec
  • Drupal 8 Engine
  • Rapid Access PHP 7.2
  • Online Digital News Content
  • Multi-Layered Staff Access
  • Mobile Responsive Critical
  • Automated Multi-Category Creation
  • Reciprocal Live Social Media Feeds
  • Real-Time Social Media Updates
  • Octocore Multi-Threaded Server
  • Content Management System
the student view
Creative Media Mavericks - Solomon Elliott Testimonial
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