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Non-organic SEO (PPC) refers to paid results or advertisements typically via Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter. Pay per click (PPC) is an example where you pay every time a potential customer enters a search and clicks on your ad on whichever search engine your ad was placed. Your advertising criterion determines the audience who will see your ad. You can pre-set the geographic location of where your customers can see your advert and define the advert search by consumer interest and behaviour.

These are commonly used methods to get to a specifically targeted audience to locate your website and turn your advertising investment into an online revenue stream. Consumers who you do not target will not see your ad due to your pre-determined keyword selections thus maximising your investment and ultimately saving on advertising costs. There is not a monthly or yearly commitment with this type of online advertising and your PPC advertising campaign can be edited, updated or paused at any time.


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Set your own Budget

With PPC you can set a budget of how much you would like to spend for each time your advert is clicked and once your daily budget has been reached, your ad will not be shown until the next working day between the pre-determined hours of your choice. Pay-per-click is absolutely ideal for recently launched websites where there is an immediate need to maximise your website investment and see immediate returns.

Many of our clients run both Organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising side by side until the website in question reaches the desired search engine position organically whereby the budgets for both Organic and Non-Organic SEO can be adjusted in favour of the more cost-effective Organic SEO model.


Organic or PPC?

Our research has shown that customers are more likely to click on organic search engine listings first as there is a school of thought that if a company can afford to advertise, that they will not be the most cost-effective option. Of course this is not the case because with PPC, our clients set their daily budgets and we weave our SEO magic to gain the desired response. You can increase or decrease your spend depending on your personal circumstances at will, BUT at all times you are in complete control of your over-all investment spend which is then expertly managed by one of the UK's leading SEO Companies, Creative Media Mavericks.

Many people attempt to handle their own Pay-Per-Click accounts with wildly differing degrees of success. There is a serious amount of statistical data which must be taken into account when analysing PPC performance which will massively alter the effectiveness of your Pay-Per-Click campaign if fully understood. This is why we strongly advise you to take advice from the Pay-Per-Click experts Creative Media Mavericks.


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