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The Brief
Passare Consultancy are located in Doha Qatar. CMM were successful in the tender process to create a Relationship Consultancy portal offering one-to-one psychology sessions online. The website also needed to inspire confidence in the user. The website also needed to be infinitely scalable; as Passare had plans for unspecified additional functionality to be added to their website in the future.
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The Solution
Because of the future unspecified functionality request, it was decided that Drupal Corporate would be the platform of choice. We needed to ensure there would be no technical or design limitations when the additional functionality was presented, so it was agreed with Passare to ensure anything requested was possible.
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The Tech Spec
  • Drupal Commercial e-commerce
  • Octocore Multi-Threaded Server
  • Content Management System
  • Rapid Access PHP 7.2
  • Real-time 2-way Video Integration
  • Conference Brochure Design
  • Hardback Book Cover Design
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Passare Testimonial
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